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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

UAS Aerial Solutions have a wealth of knowledge in an offshore environment and are fully qualified to assist you and your inspection commitments. Members of our team have spent a great deal of their working lives in the oil & gas industry on various projects, different installations and vessels in all corners of the world. UAS Aerial Solutions continue to retain all relevant qualifications required for the offshore industry, maintaining our knowledge within the industry. UAS  Aerial Solutions high specification drone has multiple redundancies in every aspect, making it one of the safest drones on the market. With no risk of magnetic interference and dual IMU’s, dual battery configuration and automated indication of additional aircraft approaching, IP43 rated weather protection and millimetre precision, UAS  Aerial Solutions will be difficult to outclass placing us high on the leaderboard. UAS Aerial Solutions have the ability to inspect the client asset whilst it continues operational campaign, in most cases minimal demand for shut down for any period of time is required. However if shut down is imminent then our ground team can carry out the inspection and cover a great deal of ground hastily, minimising any loss of revenue. UAS Aerial Solutions aim to carry out our own risk assessments, followed by written work instruction, pre-flight inspections and configurations and toolbox talks where relevant. We will take all involved under our control, adhering to the safety standards and our own operations manual prior to implementation of survey. We are acquiescent in all offshore safety standards, regulations and procedures and will include this knowledge within our own safety briefings.
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